German Auto Show

Town of Vienna, 10th Annual Oktoberfest

Saturday, October 7, 2017, 11:00AM – 7:00PM

Here’s a new event for the POG Calendar and it will be fun!

We are all set with the Town of Vienna [Virginia] to bring our old Buggies to the Vienna Oktoberfest. Members of the Vienna Town Council have said that they are very much looking forward to having us [POG and PCA] join their festivities. They even made keychains for all of us and will be having a “peoples choice” award. But this won’t be a judged sort of affair - just super relaxed. We can all get together, enjoy some good food and drink, swap some lies and let other folks enjoy our old cars.

Here is a link to the Vienna Octoberfest:

The cars will enter and exit the display parking lot from Rt 123/Maple Ave. just next to the W&OD trail, so we don't have to worry about driving through the Oktoberfest revelers on Church St. Use "134 Maple Ave East, Vienna, VA" for your GPS to get to the parking lot entrance. Click here for a street view of the entrance.

Folks interested in coming in to look at the cars will enter from Church St. as our "front door", where we can put tents and any other tables we want to set up.

Here is a Google maps link that shows where we will be parking during the event. This is great news as this parking lot has some built in barriers that will help to keep folks from just wandering through our set up. There is a low-rise office building on one side (with tuck under parking), and the W&OD trail on the other (with a fence).

There is actually some covered parking under the building. We’ve told the Vienna folks that we would start showing up around 10:00am and that probably we would start leaving around 3:00pm. The Town is encouraging us to stay until the event ends at 7:00. But we replied that most car owners would leave between 2:00 and 3:00, unless, of course, the beer, food and bands are really good!

Please note that many of the nice restaurants in Vienna participate in this event, so this won’t be the regular carnival food. Also Vienna has several local breweries as well, so the beer should be a step above your normal swill.

The Mercedes-Benz and BMW clubs have been invited and we are expecting participation from both of these clubs.

Important Note: It would be extremely helpful if you would please RSVP to Dave Miller to let him know if you plan to join in the fun. Call Dave on his cell: