Email Discussion List

The email discussion list is for the purpose of discussing POG and Porsche 356 related topics of interest to POG members. POG members are added to the list as part of membership, if desired, and only members of POG are permitted to join. Only POG members may post to the list. Please be mindful of good netiquette in your interactions on this list.

To join POG, please see the Member Services tab.

To use the email discussion list, simply send email to the discussion list address, (you can click on the link, or just send email to that email address). The discussion list is implemented as a simple email exploder -- an email sent to goes to all email addresses on the list. This is an easy and simple mechanism to provide POG members a way to use email to communicate with each other as a group.

If you're a member and wish to be added to or removed from the discussion list please send an email to If you choose not to be part of the discussion list you will still continue to receive administrative announcements.